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FluidNC might be a place to start reading and viewing about some cool possibilities like 4th axis and (5th and 6th axis). Barton Dring and his team have been working away here
on developing a lot of stuff… like a controller board for the next generation GRBL_ESP32.

It offers “100% compatibily with the day to day operations of running GCode with a sender” , all very interesting and long overdue.

Anyway have a read if this part of our hobby interests you


Morning, in a previous post I spoke of FluidNC and its possibilities. As it was of interest to me , I decided to have a closer look, So on a whim I ordered some stuff from Barton Drings Tindie storefront.

  1. 6 Pack Universal FluidNC Controller
  2. 6 External Stepper Motor Driver communication adapters
  3. 5V Output Module (Laser control)
  4. 0-10V Spindle CNC I/O Module (Spindle control)
  5. 4x Input CNC I/O module (mechanical switches , inductive sensors)

Waiting for
6. Quad MOSFET CNC I/O module (IOT)
7. RS485 CNC I/O Module (VFD)

All in all about 130 USD. And in return for a weekend of assembly, I was up and running.

Additionally, I also purchased 4 new external TB6600 drivers and a power supply (350w,24v) because I really did not want to disassemble my Longmill in order to test functionality.

For design I use Lightburn 1.1.03, Carbide Create Pro V6, Freecad 19.3. These softwares output g-code. Lightburn will connect to FluidNC without connectivity issues.

To process the g-code, I use gSender** exclusively. However, the goal of FluidNC is to connect directly with the FluidNC controller via its web interface where you can wirelessly upload g-code files and instruct FluidNC to process them, resulting in a headless, wireless controller, which works with any browser on my wifi, my computer, ipad, tablet and phone.

**Gsender can connect to the FluidNc controller via a usb cable. However, the initial communication handshake of gSender presumes that the controller responds to a ‘$$’ command from which some configuration settings in gSender are overwritten. This is strange behaviour since you would expect the correct machine configuration presets of gSender to remain static. In any case, the grbl ‘$$’ command is not supported by FluidNC, so after a serial connection has been established, you must then reload the correct machine configuration file.

Enclosed are some pictures of the completed project.


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Here is my branch that “works” with FluidNC. GitHub - cotepat/gsender at 1.0.7-fluidnc

The firmware section does not work obviously (no big deal). The rest is pretty much functional. Homing is enabled by default (because not defined via $ settings in FluidNC)

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Nice , I have some time this morning to try this out, i’ll let you know how it turns.



Unfortunately I’m not a programmer and so without a Win64 exe I’m unable to try your solution.


Ok. I attached a release for you…

Thanks for your fast response !

Sienci has issues with their release of version 1.0.7, it locks up at the splash screen.

Could I impose upon you to build your version using Sienci’s version 1.0.6



I have no problem with 1.0.7 with this very installer… I will see if I still have 1.0.6 and will let you know