Weight of LongMill MK2 48×30

Anyone know the assembled weight of the LongMill MK2 48×30, not counting spoil board, or other components?

I just ordered it, and am going get my table built for it - and was curious of the weight. Considering an adjustable height base with full enclosure… giving me the ability to lower unit and match table saw height with top of enclosure, so the top of enclosure would double as my outfeed support table. I would recess quick connect hose adapter for dust collection, so I could remove that when I am using as my outfeed table.

@jphilly Hello and welcome to the forum! My 30x30 weighed no more than 40# when it was delivered all in one box. I can’t imagine adding extra length would be more than 10# . Just my thought anyway. Please post pictures when you get your table built. I like the thought of using the top for an outfeed table. Once again, welcome!

Oh, perfect - and thank you! I was thinking with the extruded aluminum the weight shouldn’t be an issue. I have found a couple adjustable bases, from 150# - 315# max lifting capabilities.

I’ll post pictures with what I end up with - I would like to create a dedicated space for it, but that would take some rearranging in the shop. Will post what I end up with.

Thanks again!

You won’t have any issues with either of the bases you are looking at. My interest is peaked, I like uncommon designs.
Take care!