Western New York area

Hello. Anyone here from the Western New York area? The reason I ask is that I have been messing around with Carveco on my MK2, put together earlier this year. I am decent with 2d carves but I have yet to be successful with a relief carving. I am beginning to think that I would have been more successful learning to carve by hand than by machine at this point. Attempting to chat back and forth on a forum about the process seems a bit daunting as I donโ€™t have full comprehension of the process to begin with. It seems that whenever I attempt a relief carving, either the machine begins carving empty space above the project piece or it is plunging into the project in ways that cause me to question whether or not its carving correctly or making a z-pass into the material.

If anyone is from the area and would be willing to talk, let me know. I would truly appreciate it.

I know this is not what you are asking for but I was in the same boat when I first started. I could somewhat handle 2D carves but was very nervous to attempt any 3D carves. This video by carveco really helped me out. I watched it more than a few times and followed along with it.