What am I doing WRONG?

I have 2 different macro’s from here for tool change in gSender but neither will work on setting Z zero after 1st probe both reset Z to about 10mm to high then it starts the cut in the air. If I set tool change to manual and do a 1st probe and check it’s perfect run the part then when time for tool change I change the bit then probe again restart the cut all is great zero is spot on. I’m using carbide create for tool paths and gcode set to mm gSender set to mm safe height set to 0 have shapeoko post in gsender cause I have a shaproko xxl.
So what am I missing be working on this for 3 days straight any help would be great THANKS.

Do a forum search for “NeilFerreri macro”. He has developed Z-zero and tool change macros here. @NeilFerreri

Welcome to the forum @TimRod!

I don’t know how to use them but Neil’s post processors can be found on GitHub here.

Edit: Just read your post again and I see you are using Carbide Create but Neil’s pp’s are for VCarve :frowning:

@_Michael The post processors just allow the exporting of gcode with tool change (M6) commands. Carbide create does that anyway. I’ve asked for access to their post processors, but I think they’re focused on other things right now.
@TimRod Is talking about the macros for tool changes. Tim, it might help to know what macros you’re using and what your procedure is.
Here’s a link to a version of the ones @CrookedWoodTex mentioned.

My bad, I got confused between pp’s and macros, I think. Just to be clear my understanding now is that the pp is needed for Vectric and the macros are used for both Vectric and Carbide Create. What about Carveco Maker?

Every CAM program (whatever you use to generate toolpaths for your design) uses a post processor to translate the toolpaths to gcode that your controller will understand.
Once you’re running your job, you can run macros for all sorts of reasons from probing to adjusting offsets for a laser to resetting Z zero on tool change. If you can get Carveco to export a job with multiple tools (I assume you can) then you could run macros to help with the tool change.

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The macros are the ones in your link reply but my gsender is 1.1.7
My procedure is I tried two different ways neither works , 1: After machine is homed load a file move machine to my start point probe Z and then check z zero all great start job then time for tool change I change bits click run macro all go as it should then click to resume it then starts cutting about 10mm high off work piece . 2: Tried tool change hooks in tool change settings it probes but don’t work either still 10mm hight

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Well not much help on here. But never mind I solved it my self if anyone else has this problem
just make sure to set too change in gSender settings to manual for macros .