What can the 7w laser do

Hi so before buying I always like doing my research my question is can the 7w laser cut dog tags out of stainless
And also engrave big and small tumblers

@Hobbist No diode laser will cut stainless steel. You can engrave on aluminum for example, but even then, you will need to paint or somehow coat the material. Otherwise the metal will reflect the laser beam.

What will I have to add to the diode laser to cut metals

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You wont be able to cut stainless steel with a diode laser. Generally they are thought to have only up to about 10 watts of output power. CO2 lasers can be a lot more powerful but once again, you may be asking far too much. Fibre lasers are likely to do what you need. A much higher price of entry. You could ask a general question over at the LightBurn forum and see who is cutting stainless and possibly discuss what they are using. You could also look at Google and ask the same question in numerous ways and by the end of a couple of weeks research, you will be able to answer your own question and avoid wasting any money.


@Hobbist There is nothing you can add to a diode laser to enable it to cut metal. I suggest that if you want to cut out dog tags with the Long Mill, cut them with the router. Even then, cutting stainless steel will be a slow process - possible, but slow.

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Hi I’m wandering if the 7w laser can cut dog tags from stainless steel and engrave big and small tumblers

@Hobbist Diode lasers cannot cut/engrave metal, what they can do is engrave away the paint/layering of non-metal that sits on top of the metal surface giving the visual effect of engraving metal. Ex. aluminum tumblers with a paint layer, you engrave away the paint layers revealing the metal surface, which can look really cool.

Can you also engrave stainless like yeti tumblers

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@Hobbist Stainless steel tumblers with a paint layer will have similar results to aluminum tumblers with a paint layer. But to get the best engrave results for round objects, a rotary axis is recommended. We currently don’t sell them, but it’s an addon we’re currently working on for the near future.

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Here is a video of a CNC user laser engraving Stainless Steel with a 6 watt laser connected to his CNC This may put you in the right direction when it comes to engraving SS or any other metals.

Here is the laser that is being used in the video.

I originally thought of using that company’s laser with the MK2 as it connects with a magnetic base and is removable for CNC router/spindle work. But opt’ed to go with the Sienci Laser as I am new to the CNC and Laser usage and wanted to get all my support from one place.

EDIT : And a huge Hint to the designers at Sienci Can we get something from Sienci in the future like this just asking for myself and maybe other.


This glass carving cycle should likewise be possible on the 7W laser too and presumably will go a piece quicker. The high goal focal point choice is vital to get the goal that Ryan accomplished in his etching. To utilize paint, then we know the enormous sharpie marker likewise functions admirably.

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Wondering if this would now work with the rotary attachment. Looking to purchase a longmill with laser and rotary, but want to make sure I can engrave on to a Yeti with this set up. Thanks!