What causes chatter uneven cuts

Noticed my v wheels where loose went through everything seems tight. Once in a while the bit will chatter and getting a little uneven cuts. Using 1/4" shank flat end mill 1400mm 250mm 3mm and makita router a 20000rpm. Cutting pine right now.

When I using my 1/4" ball nose bit it jumped even worse too the point i cant use it. its lil bit longer of a bit I think.

Just wondering what I should be checking ?

Seems that the router/bit/z-axis is not orthogonal aligned to the xy-plane.
I had those ripples in y-direction, and it took me several tries to align the router socket onto the z-plate in 90deg to the x-axis.
Are yours in x or y direction or both?
If in x-direction, check if there is a washer missing/too much between V-wheels ans z-plate.

@Incredz Justin: What are those numbers you posted? Sorry, I can’t relate them to settings.

What step over are you using with our 1/4" bits?

1400mm feed rate 250mm plunge rate 3mm depth per pass

Just found the step over in advanced settings 40%

@Incredz Certainly, with a step over of 40%, you will not get a smooth surface, but since you say that the router is jumping, step over is not the issue.

Make sure that if you hold the router and try to move it by rocking it up and down, there is no movement. If there is, either the delrin wheels are not adjusted properly or the router mount is loose.

I’m assuming that you’ve made sure that the feet holding the mill down to the table are tight.

If all those are fine, I’m out of ideas. Maybe others here can come up with something.

Did you check if the routerbit is in 90 deg to the xy-plane?