What Else Is Needed Besides The Basic Kit

Probably been answered a million times. If you buy the basic kit for a 30x48 machine besides a software program what else is needed?

@Dean Hello Dean! Welcome to the forum! This treasure of a forum is my main reason for buying from Sienci Labs! Good people, sound advice (except when I give it lol). I just looked at the kit they are offering. Looks great, however missing a few things. Then again, this is my option, and your mileage may vary.

  1. A surfacing bit
  2. A digital caliper
  3. Dust hose for the dust boot
  4. V bits, at least a 90 degree, although I bought a 30 and 60 degree one too
  5. A surge protector
  6. T tracks for hold down

I’m sure I’ll think of other things once I send this message. Once again, welcome!

Roughly what size should the board be for mounting a 30x48 Longmill?

Should be around 48x70
That’s the dimensions in this configuration:

Jumping in here, sorry new guy and in a similar situation. Looking to get into CNC as a way to enhance my woodworking craft. I am about to retire in January and adding CNC to my home shop looks like it will be a great journey as a way to learn, grow, and have fun, though very daunting.` I just signed up to the forum and looking around for direction.


@GrandPooPaw Welcome to the forum Bruce! As I have told many others, this forum is the main reason I established a relationship with Sienci. Good people, willing to assist. Doesn’t get much better than that! Before I forget, congratulations on retirement! I’m 5 years into mine. My CNC machine keeps my mind going, troubleshooting, design and learning new things are great. I really need to focus on dust collection in the new year. I make one heck of a mess with my LongMill.
Once again, welcome!

thanks man, this forum stuff is new to me. I am so use to learning and doing things on my own in a vacuum. This is great.

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