What happened to the Linux app image?

I was just beginning to experiment with gSender back in mid to late 2022, then got hit with covid that seriously set me back over a year on everything in my life. Now I’m trying to get my CNC running again. My Raspberry Pi I was using to control it had an issue, so I had to wipe it and reinstall. I downloaded gSender, but there’s no Linux app image. There’s only a .deb file to download, which I installed with dpkg. I can’t because it’s not for arm, which is what Pis use, so this package won’t work on any Pi at all. (Even on Github, it’s not available. The link to a Pi download leads to a 404 error page.)

Is the app image version gone? I don’t see how to get to it from the download page, but the install instructions, under Raspberry Pi, still recommend the app image file. If the .deb file is the way to go, what is the executable name? I can’t find any variation of “gSender” in my path. (That includes gsender, g-sender, and so on.)

Is the app image form still available somewhere else? If not, what is the executable name in Linux? I’d like to be able to see how this works for me.

All releases are available on Github, including the ARM versions.

If you’re running a Pi, you’ll want to use the Pi_64bit build. We no longer support 32 bit pi as of 1.4.X.

Okay, found 'em - but the links on the front page were wrong - look like they’re fixed now. Thank you!