What & where Lubrication?

What kind of lubrication should be used on the longmill, and where and how often should it be applied?
Thanks in advance for your advice.

Best guess:
Looking at the design of the mill the only place that could possibly need lubrication is the lead screw bearings. This could be done with a couple drops of machine oil. Only a small amount, wipe off the excess after applying. Stay clear of the rubber wheels, motors and cabling.

On my smaller mill I used a very small amount of white grease on the lead screws and ran the axis back and forth. Once again need to wipe off any excess. Since the longmill has the plastic type antibacklash blocks, this probably wouldn’t be necessary.

Any excess oil or grease would allow the chips to stick to the parts during cuts. This most likely wouldn’t be good. For me just a touch of machine oil in the lead screw bearings would due.

For now I am just making sure everything is vacuumed and wiped down after my cuts.

This is my best guess on this. Hopefully someone else will have a more specific answer.

Thanks. I was wondering about whether or not to apply grease to the lead screws considering the plastic blocks too. Your advice is very helpful.