What's Sienci Labs plan for supporting the Longmill MK1?

I noticed that the new MK2 version of the Longmill has just been announced for pre-ordering, and from the sketches shown on the website, the rails and gantries have been significantly changed from the original, which I’m dubbing the MK1.

I am therefore wondering what Sienci Labs is planning to do for supporting the MK1. I’m mostly concerned about availability of consumable parts that are unique to the MK1. V-wheels come to mind, but that’s just an assumption.

Kingston, ON, Canada

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@ApexWoodworks I don’t speak for Sienci, and they will likely reply, too, Marty. However to perhaps put your mind to rest a bit, this is an extract from the Sienci blog

Of course, we will offer both an upgrade kit and full kit options to customers. These parts are interchangeable between all generations of the LongMill:

Motors and electronics
Lead screws, couplers, and nuts
V-wheels, fasteners, and eccentric nuts
XZ gantry assembly
Drag chains

I believe, subject to confirmation from Sienci, that all the consumable parts are the same on versions 1 and 2.