Where is everyone from?

Hendersonville TN, near Nashville

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@jpnharris Welcome Jim from the cornfields of SE Iowa! Good folks with the willingness to share their experiences here. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy! Can not wait to see what you will carve with your CNC machine.


Virginia (is for CNC lovers) :grin:


@Wiremand Dudley, welcome from the cornfields of Iowa sir! Thank you your service to the citizens of USA. There are lots of amazing folks here, all willing to help. Glad to have you here, can’t wait to see what you are going to make with your CNC.

Take care!

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Nelson, BC, Canada

I had an X-Carve for about 8 years, and learned a lot. A local woman bought a LongMill 30 x 30, used it once, and decided that she what she needed was a laser cutter. I made the upgrade, and I love it.

I’m happy to be part of this community.

@dhavemann Welcome back, D. I hope that you have a lot of fun withe your upgrade to the LM.You’ve been here before so you know that it’s a good group.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Jacksonville Florida

Tarpon Springs, Florida.
New to CNC. Yep… a new one. Well almost. Grant has already got me setup and working so troubleshooting was a very good learning tool. I learned a lot on the CNC machine and the software.
I’m using a Chinese CNC to learn on and see if I wanted to really spend the time and money with and it is. Also using Vcarve Desktop and Gsender. My machine wouldn’t do what I told it to. Grant reached out and found the gcode was good. I spent a lot of time changing settings and finally found the problem.
Grant suggested I come here and start reading about everything. All I can say is I’m impressed with the knowledge you all have.
I see a Longmill 30 in the very near future. I will continue to learn on the 3018. The Longmill is about the biggest amount I can handle. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

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@XYzero Welcome to the forum Alve! Florida is a beautiful state that I wouldn’t mind wintering in to escape the winters in Iowa. Lots of helpful folks here! Grant does an amazing job helping folks, and is a great asset to the group. I am also very new to CNC and my MK2 30x30 is a great addition to my shop. I encourage you to save your nickels and invest in one when you have the money. It does an amazing job of carving and the support from the forum is stellar. Again, welcome, can’t wait to see what you produce with your existing CNC!

I can’t say enough about Grant. Great person and so helpful.

Florida in the winter is great but the summers are brutal. This year has been one hot and muggy place.

I’m hoping to place my order in a few weeks. I’ve read all the hype and reviews by sponsored Utubers on the zillion other CNC’s. I wadded through them all until I could figure out what was good and not. I went through the videos of the designing of the Longmill and was impressed. A lot of great thought went into this CNC. At first I thought they were off their rocker but the more I saw the more I understood the methods used. See a CNC with no foundation was an eye opener but a great design. I read almost all positive reviews.
Yea, I think this one should be great for a very long time.

@XYzero Glad to you could make it over here. Tks much for the compliments.

@Jake Thanks for the kind words, Jake. I try to do my bit, but as you have found, I am just one cog in a the big machine here. The knowledge base and the willingness to pass it along is quite remarkable, I think.

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Your welcome. I was close to that match until you jumped in.

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Wild, wonderful West Virginia.

New to the forum but have been into CNC (mostly wood) for about a year now. Currently have a Foxalien 4040XE but decided to level up to the Longmill after a lengthy research process. It was the transparency and detail of the stiffness report that sold it! Placed my order a couple of weeks ago, still waiting, but am super pumped to receive it.


@RasterTheGrain Welcome to the forum! Lots of good folks here willing to lend a hand when needed. You will love your LongMill! Have had mine since May, enjoying it quite a bit. Well made, good quality and does a good job with carving. I’m only scratching the surface of what it is capable of, but definitely is a cool tool. Again welcome!