Where should "home" be?

My thinking is probably off, but shouldn’t home be at the bottom left corner of the spoilboard instead of the left corner of the machine limits? I’m new to this so be gentle

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Hey Mike,

I’m guessing that you are refering to the limit switch homing cycle?

Mine does not have them so home is wherever I tell the machine it is. It’s pretty much a hobo.
Do you have one of them fancy Altmills that came with them or did you install them on a mk1?

Anyway, I’m curious too on how it all works with homing so I’ll follow this tread with interest.

Thanks for the reply, I have the MK 2.5 and I did put the limit sensors on. I’m trying to get it set up so I can carve with it.

I might be stating the obvious, but I cannot offer much more and untill someone with more knowledge on homing comes along, your stuck anyway, so here it goes.

Have you looked at the info page conserning limit switches at the sienci page?

watched that video before I installed them, they seem to work ok when I home the machine

I think the 0,0 = home is a grbl thing.

I think what you want to do is set one of the WCS “homes” to the point on your spoil board you want to use for your home (not necessarily the 0,0 grbl home)

Here’s a video Sienci Chris did on gender. The segment I linked to is where he talks about WCS

I normally set my spoil board so that its bottom left corner is coincident with the homed machine with a taper ball nose in it. That should be very close to the machine limits to maximize your potential work area. I use this arrangement to define both the bottom and the right limits of the spoil board placement. Of course you would want to do any machine squaring needed before defining these limits.

I’ve got the 30x30 with sensors. After it homes there is always a retrace for a millimeter or 2 ( I would have to check the setting to know for sure). So it is never absolutely the mechanical limits of 0,0. My spoiler board is bigger than the workable area. This gives me room to mount guides or clamps. i did buy a 1 1/2" surfacing bit that can reach the entire spoiler board.

XY0. is at the middle hole between the guides, but I rarely use that as my work 0,0. (Ignore the steel pins, I had to put the guide on for this photo, once the mounting bolts are installed the steel pins are removed)

As a side note: Some people set up so the sensors and those Home is in the Left Back corner instead of the Left Front, that way when the job is done cutting the router gets out of the way to unload the piece. I believe that is also what industrial standard location is for 0,0
I prefer Front Left.

Since I got dog hole clamps I don’t use the side rails much any more either.