Why Longmill over Onefinity?

After doing some research, I was set to purchase the Shapeoko Pro XXL until I came across people discussing the 1F. The ease of setup was the first thing that excited me. The rigidity and lack of belts put it over the top. Since then, I’ve discovered the Longmill. The setup isn’t nearly as easy, but the rigidity and lack of belts have me intrigued. The fact that it’s also much less expensive is the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on the 1F yet. I’m not concerned about shipping delays right now with the 1F vs getting the Longmill in a couple of weeks. I’ll be pretty busy until mid-August anyhow.

I’m hoping someone here has enough experience or insight into the Onefinity to help me make my final decision.

I’m very excited about making a purchase soon. Thank in advance for any help!

I’ve posted the same thing in the Onefinity customer forums trying to get as much insight as possible. Other than the ease of setup, is there anything else that sets Onefinity above Longmill that I’m just not seeing? Where is Longmill a better option? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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@mhuntoon Welcome to the group, Michael. I bet that it’s a better group than the Onefinity one. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Seriously, I have no experience with the OneFinity machine, so I can’t really give you a good comparison. I just went on their site and the woodworker mill looks like a very good piece of kit. I like many of its features. For me, when I chose the LongMill, budget had to be a very big consideration. Comparing the LongMill to the Onefinity is a bit like comparing apples and oranges in that regard. The Onefinity is approaching twice the cost of the LongMill. There are some excellent benefits to be had by spending the extra money. I believe that the LongMill gives excellent value for the price. I have no doubt the Onefinity does, too.
I don’t imagine that this has helped you a lot, and others may well join in the conversation. Good luck with whatever machine you choose.

Grant, thank you for your honest assessment. I agree, budget is definitely a consideration.

I too have compared the two. I went with the longmill as I think that its simplicity is a huge benefit. there isnt anything on the machine that cant be easily and cheaply replaced. I purchased a full kit of spares from v wheels to stepper motors and linear guides for less than $200. I havent needed any of them yet but if anything ever fails i will be up and running that day as everything is so easy to work on.
Also the lack of homing and limit switches or stall homing is just one less thing to worry about. before most jobs run the y axis into the end stops to ensure they are square and they almost always are. then just zero wherever i need to for my project. I follow the 1F forums also and i see many people struggling with the homing and general interface stuff that i have never run into with the longmill. The 1F is no doubt a sturdy machine but in the hobby market most people are never going to realise that potential anyways. I run my Longmill fairly hard and its more than capable for anything that i need it to do.