Windows 11 slow startup

I know it’s been asked here before, but I haven’t seen a resolve. It takes 2 - 4 minutes for gsender to start. Works fine otherwise, and I’m a fan, without a doubt my goto gcode sender. So, I’ve been just dealing with this for quite some time, but I’d love to get a fix if there is one.

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All my recent gSender versions have been really slow loading. There’s also no indication that it is loading either.

Apparently, unless 1.4 solves it, there’s still a long startup delay.

Hey @DaWoodster,

This isn’t a result of gSender, it’s your virus protection doing a scan when you first load up. You can test this by letting gSender load initially, then closing the program. When you load it a second time, it’s super quick as it doesn’t get scanned again.


Then explain why this doesn’t happen with ANY other program started on the same computer?

Also, it can do it every time gSender is started.

Is there a way for us to see what is happening in real time? You obviously have some factual information behind your statement, so how about revealing how you came up with it?

Hey Tex,

It’s a longstanding issue with Electron on specifically Windows with Windows Defender but also occurs on other operating systems with scan + protect.

You can read a bit more about it on the Electron Github if you’re interested:

So the “Why is it not other applications” reason is “most of your applications are not Electron on that computer”.

It’s obviously something we’re aware of but unless either a fix is pushed upstream or we swap off Electron to an alternative it’s something we’re stuck with for now. There are alternatives for at least Windows (disabling Smartscreen Defender) but I’ve personally not looked deeply into Mac solutions.

Thanks for responding. So, if I exclude gsender (whitelist it) in defender, will it resolve to load faster? BTW, I also have it installed on a Win10 PC, and although still slow, it’s still usually under a min, so considerably faster than the Win11 install.

I have wondered in the past if Electron was slowing gSender startup down but I dismissed the thought because I use VSCode and that starts almost instantly. Maybe because it’s Microsoft’s own software they made Defender not slow it down? I don’t know.

I’m purty sure that this conversation will continue in 1.4 because no solution has been provided. We’ll see.