With each pass the bit is doing a step down


So about half way across my cutting area, the bit does a step down with each pass rather than doing a straight vertical cut with each pass.

To the left of my cutting area, the pieces are cut perfectly, but as you move across the cutting area is gets worse and worse. It is only on X axis.

Is this a calibration issue?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Check your table. Doesn’t sound level to machine

Checked that and it is perfect.

It is t a gradual shift it is with each pass the router is moved slightly on the X axis.

did you check the backlash nuts?

@MarkMatheson To clarify, Mark, the movement is not in the X axis, it is in the Z axis, correct? The Z gantry is lowering gradually as the machine works side to side. It is fine when it works from to back??

It does this for every file you are running, yes?