Wrong dimensions shown in gSender

While checking some code generated by the surfacing tool I noticed that the dimensions and the minimum X and Z are wrong. It looks like gSender just scans the file and uses the smallest value found for each axis as the minimum. That doesn’t work with relative moves in the gCode.

gSender 1.17
Windows 10
Gcode.gcode (3.1 KB)

The minimum X shown for that file is -30.52mm and the minimum Z is -3.5mm both of those numbers can be found in the file in a relative move (G90) section. Then the minimum being wrong leads to the dimensions being wrong is my guess.

EDIT: It appears to be fixed in Edge 1.2.5, didn’t think to check that until after I posted.

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Yes, makes me nervous everytime I use the surfacing toolpath generator.

As you saw in your edit, we’ve fixed this in Edge :+1: . Dimensions/bounding box was previously grabbed during the file estimation parser which has a small bug in it, but that was rolled into toolpath parsing and now accounts for relative positioning correctly.