X- and X+ moving the wrong way

I am new to this so i was trying to surface my waste board when i noticed that the X- and X+ were moving in the wrong direction. How do i fix this.


Sounds to me as though the wiring for the X+ has the wires in the wrong terminals.

@Slat Welcome to the group, Greg.

What CNC machine do you have and what gcode sender are you using?

When you say that your X axis is travelling in the wrong direction, do you mean when you are jogging it in your code sender, or when you are running a gcode?

I have the long mill 30x30 and I am using gsender with Vcarve 11.0. So what i have figured out is using g sender to do the surfacing it when backwards. Then i created it in Vcarve and it all goes in the right direction. I think this problem is solved on to the next one.

Thank you