X-axis choking/stopping near the the far left only


I just bought my 48x30 longmill and finalized assembly and adjusting the v-wheels and delrin nuts…

I’ve been having issues with the x-axis however, first I noticed that when the router traveled on the x-axis, the lead screw would wobble and make a noise and would stop at certain points, so reading the forums I saw that I needed to tense it more, which helped some but there’ still a minor wobble and some noise, also now the router won’t go all the way to the far left which it id before, now it will choke and stop when getting to about 4" to the far left and won’t travel further left, manually moving the lead screw and it feels very stiff, not sure what could be causing that.

Any advise would be appreciated!


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@NCNC I would suggest you have gone to far on the anti Backlash nuts and need more work adjusting your wheels. I gave up one the lifting the trasom up and adjusting the top, makes no sense to me since gravity is loading the top wheels. I adjust the bottom for resistance and that’s worked for me.

Thanks Bill! your “gravity is loading the top wheels” suggestion makes a lot of sense as I have been obsessing over all 4 v-wheels having the same pressure contact but you’re absolutely right, it doesn’t make sense to worry about the top ones and it’s impossible given those ones have the pressure of the weight already.