X-Axis out of alignment after a project?

Before a project I jog the x-axis to the back and ensure it is aligned with both y-axises. After a project when I jog the machine back, i notice that the left x-axis gantry touches the left y-axis before the right side does. I would it’s about 1/8 to 3/16 off everytime.

Is this normal? Do i need to reset before each project?

Thank you

@DRIZZY No, it’s not normal. Check the wires going to both Y motors. Check that your delrin wheels are set properly. Finally, check that the anti-backlash nuts are set properly.

Thank you I will check. Generally what is the normal setting for the anti-backlash nuts?

I know the tensioning of the v-wheels is that they are to turn with presume from your fingers, but not sure about the anti-backlash nuts.

@DRIZZY Back them off completely. You should get a bit of back and forth movement in the direction of the axis. Then tighten in VERY small increments, testing for movement. As soon as you detect no movement, that’s it. Do not tighten them any further.