X Axis will not hold the Zero out and stalls when running the quick check from IDC WoodCraft spoil board gcode

Hello all,
Trying to make my spoil board. But when I run the gcode for the cnc system check from IDC WoodCraft I get my X Axis hanging up after it moves from the center that is zero for all axis and makes a loud humming noise. This happened before when I first assembled the CNC and then went away when I ran the break in gcode also from IDC Woodcraft.
5 times I have tried to do the system check and only one time was it able to go through the 19 lines of the gcode. I will include the files and if possible upload a video ( Video file will not upload unsupported file type MP4) Gcode also included. If I can some how get the video to upload you can hear the loud humming and see the cnc continue to step through the rest of the code.

Also took some photos and the x axis has a 74

.00 under the blue zeros
I had a hell of a time getting the X Axis to maintain Zero also at first assemble and first checks with gsender 1.1.4
Current Software Gsender 1.1.7
Longmill MK 2 30 x 48

1 Fit Check - NO TOOL IN MACHINE.gcode (280 Bytes)

I re-flashed the firmware via Gsender and also readjusted the backlash bolt for the x axis. I was able to run the gcode for fit check but I now notice that my Z axis tilts forward when the z moves down as it runs through the gcoded steps of the fit check. I will rerun on Monday to verify all items are tightened and set.