X drifted maybe?

What do you think the culprit is on this? This is some old wood I was practicing a few things on.

First toolpath:“The Porters” is cockeyed from the circle (vbit outline and cleared).

Then the “est 2012”and circle (1/8” uc bit) ran successfully.

Then “P” was cleared with a 22mm surfacing bit. It is considerably wider than the toolpath. And even missed some spots.

After this toolpath I did an outline of the “P” with a 1/4” uc endmill bit. This ran fine. I highlighted it in red so you can see it clearly. This is where the surfacing bit should have remained within.

Double checked my toolpaths and the gsender visualizer. They all look good. All the routing errors seem only from the x-axis.

Never mind. Figured it out. Home position of one of the paths caused an issue.