X movement skips from 0,0 after home

  1. Firmware version: 1.4.6
  2. Sender: (gSender, ioSender, etc.)
  3. Relevant tested files: None used for this problem, If a file is downloaded it seems to work but at the middle it skips steps.
    diagnostics_4-13-2024_14-17-50.pdf (52.5 KB)
    It does it whenever it wants, sometimes it works fine but then the next time I hit return to 0,0 the X motor stalls. Well, you hear the motor trying to move the screw, but it does not moves, then you move X and it moves smoothly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run the file
  2. Pause
  3. Jog… etc.

I had the new backlash nut, but it fits too tight, I changed back to the original one and it feels smoother, but it still skips on X. Followed the procedures on the website, but it does not resolve the problem. I even ran a file with the gantry disconnected to see if it was an issue with the backlash nut, but in the middle the motor sounded like skipping. I have not moved the motor to another position yet.

I’ve heard of people having similar issues with possibly a loose wire or connection, broken wire so I would check your connections to that motor at motor and board
Unless you’ve done it already
Good luck

I ended up making my Rapid move rate match the maximum (5500 mm/min) and was able to consistently reproduce the stalling on the X rail - for me, it was only away from 0,0 for the first few inches. Dropping the rapid move rate back down to 5000 didn’t produce any stalling, so I set firmware $110 and $111 (X and Y Max rate) to 5000 as well and so far it’s been great.

Thanks for the insight here @JdotPo. From what you and others have said as well as the help we’ve been giving to people over tickets the last few weeks I’m fairly confident the hardware setup / speed setting is the cause of the issue and so have added some advice to our troubleshooting docs to address this as well