X Rail out of shape

Has anyone else had problems with the center of your X rail being smaller than the ends. It makes the V wheels very tight when to the left or right but in the center there so loose.

Send an email into support. Is it a MK2 or an original Longmill? They will need to know lot more than you gave us here.

Its the mark 1 30x30.When the gantry is in the middle of the X axis the v wheels are loose, but very tight on each end. The measurement of the x rail in the center is 4.205 inches. On the ends its 4.228 inches.

@steelestreetcustoms Welcome to the group,SSC. It’s unfortunate that your first post needs to concern a physical problem. As Greg advised, your best bet will be to raise a support ticket with Sienci. I’m sure that they will get you fixed up quickly.

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