Xbox 360 controller use in gSender

Greetings,. I currently have the latest gsender installed and do have my wireless Xbox 360 controller working with the exception of the analog sticks. It past experience with mach 3, I was able to use the analog triggers and sticks to control movements very precisely. One trigger was setup as an enable button, so no input would register without it pressed. The other was used as an analog register to control movement speed. Pull trigger 50 %, get half max speed on sticks. Barring that,. I’d at least like to get the analog sticks working. Has that been figured out?

Also, there were multiple modes, step and mpg. When in mpg mode you could “roll” the stick cw or ccw to be used as a mpg wheel.


@DiscoJon those are some neat ideas, not sure why I haven’t heard of them before. As far as functionality I’ll tag @walid_kayhan since he’s the one working on joystick functionality in gSender so I hope your info helps him.

I’ll note down your ideas - as of now the joystick functionality follows the same as what can be done on a keyboard so we’re still behind Mach3 in having custom joystick behaviours but I’d love to implement that in the coming future