Xrail gantry issues

Hi so my question is why does my xrail gantry vibrtae and or make sounds in certain spot and when i bring all the way to the left when i jog away its stuck once i hit the jog button twice it starts moving

I find whenever it’s doing fast, continuous movement through the middle of the lead screw, there is resonance. It’s even gotten so bad it has caused a bind in the machine.

Tightening the anti-backlash blocks reduces this and it’s a good indicator they’re starting to loosen up. Also slowing down your movement speed helps. Maybe even speeding it up since it appears to be a resonance thing.

Or now when I know it’s going to do a quick move at the beginning or the end of a job to get the cutter out of the way, I just put my finger on the lead screw to dampen it.