XYZ Touch Probe?

Has anyone used an XYZ touch probe that works with both built in (no special macros) gsender probe on an X carve machine?

I’m using the stock z probe from xcarve, and it sucks.

Looking to try a full on xyz touch plate vs just a z probe, or at least find a better z probe than the xcarve one

I don’t have an X-Carve but you should not have a problem upgrading your Z only probe. The X-Controller looks like a nice controller and you only have to change two wires to upgrade.

Both Sienci’s regular and auto touch plates should work fine although the AutoZero may not be a first class citizen if you move away from gSender.

Personally, I have Sienci’s regular touch plate and it is much better than the Z only one that I started with on my old 3018.

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I ended up ordering the Openbuilds xyz touch plate last night - $35 on sale.

Dang! Hate I missed that sale.