Y-axis 1 jack not working

I purchased the Longmill MK2 30 x 30 off of somebody on this forum. Everything was working properly until today when the jack for the y axis 1 stopped working. Its not the motor, I switched the cables and they both work fine.

The little switches on the inside of the controller box are all set right, and all the potentiometers are at the same setting. I’m only getting one red light on the Controller Box and the power supply doesn’t have a green light lit up. These are things I didn’t pay attention to at first because the machine came to me already built and working perfectly fine.

I tried blowing air in all the jacks and firmly putting them in, still the same result.

When I try and move the machine on the y-axis 1, it makes a small noise but nothing moves.

Any advice would be appreciated. I have a feeling its the power supply because of the green light… and am worried that the shop im running it in had a power surge.

A follow up. Beside the DIP switches there are two power LEDs. The LEDs for the broken jack are lit up but they are much fainter than the others. I ordered a new power supply so I will find out if thats the issue.