Y axis becomes unequal

Beginner here. When assembling the 30x48 and before I tried getting it calibrated if I had one of the Y axis to tight and tried to move it one side would not move and the other side did move. I immediately stopped but then the Z axis was out of alignment. How do I correct that? What do I have to be careful of not doing?

If it pretty far askew I would manually turn one of the axis to get them close and then you can jog back until both sides hit the end of their axis, it will make a noise as the motors skip but then the axis should be square.

I apparently had one side to tight and when I took the X axis to almost the end and then tried to bring it back towards me one side stalled and I thought I was ruining the motor or something. I loosened that side and it worked okay. When I almost get the X axis to the end nearest me I use a ruler and adjust the distance by hand. Probably something I should check often. The noise scares me!

Thanks for the response.

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