Y axis moves in opposite directions sometimes or dont move, please help

I got my machine back in January i did like 3-4 jobs (resurfacing and couple guitar templates).
I wa cutting maple and notice the machine stopped before finishing. When I move the Y axis it moves fine and sometimes the motors seem to move at opposite directions and the left side looks like sometimes dont even move. I cant cut nothing because of that please watch the video to see what is doing. I will appreciate some help, thanks
Let me know if you guys can see the video IMG_8320.mov - Google Drive

Hey @warlos,

After chatting with the customer support team, it’s most likely a loose wire. Tug gently on each of the wires for the motor side and the connector side to see if anything is loose.

Guitar templates eh? Cool!


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I apreciate your help, I dont know which wire was loose they all look good to me but i checked everyone of the terminals, unplug and plug back and now is working just fine.

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