Y axis skewing from overdrive on one side

Hello all. Been having an issue with my MK2 skewing badly while jogging. It looks like one motor is turning faster than the other, which makes the X gantry go out of square and grind to a halt. Switching the Y1 and Y2 cables on the longboard moved the issue to the other side.

Any ideas?

@toddg Is this a new issue, or has your Mk2 been this way out of the box?

Kinda off and on out of the box. Mostly occurs when I’m jogging, although that seems to be about as far as I get, usually. I did manage to run a full surfacing pass this weekend, but it did appear to be skewing- it would move a little or not at all on that side on one line, then move an entire bit width (22mm) the next. So, it would skew, correct itself (kinda), skew again, etc. I did have one fairly simple job that ran ok, and another that started alright then went crazy about halfway through. Recently though, I can’t even jog it very far without it skewing and locking up.

Just a (n00b) thought- why are there two driver cards for the y axis? couldn’t you just run both motors off the same card?