Y gantry grinding

Not sure what happened, everything was working fine and now i have grinding noises on both Y gantries. When moving forward, its happening on the left side, when moving towards me, it sounds on the right. Checked and adjusted eccentric nuts for v wheels, backed off on the screws on each robot head. I believe the axis are square as ive run several projects with no issues.

No noticible horizontal slop on lead screws. I notice the left lead screw wobbles around a bit.

My LongMill has made that sound before especially when rapid jogging. I think it is vibration between the robots and the lead screw. For me I had to tighten the robots a bit to stop it. You backed them off so maybe you can feel the play in them now. Grab the gantry plate and try to move it back and forth and you may feel or hear the play, it will be small, then tighten till the play goes away.

The other thing I read on here is that maybe the robot heads are crooked a little bit. For that I loosened the mounting bolts for the robot head a bit and jogged the machine back and forth a little and retightened the mounts.

It may take some trial and error but you should be able to get it sounding better. Good luck and let us know how you make out with getting rid of this noise.

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If you have checked all the normal things you might try cleaning the lead screws, after you clean the lead screws use a dry lube and that took care of it for me.

Lead screws appear clean, i will try adjusting the robot heads individually after checking the axis for square. Ill report back.

It got better when loosening both bolts on the robots, jogging around and retightening.

Im still curious what would cause one side to make noise going forward and the other gantry making noise going backward. Due to the way the motors spin?

Maybe they were crooked in opposite directions? Iā€™m not sure but glad it got better for you.