Yep Yep it is what it is

Wow the Longmill is pretty darn awesome especially for its price and performance. Yep Yep it is what it is-Totally Awesome! Easy to build No real Issues. Did a small test run on some soft insulating pink foam just to make sure lines were cut straight and nothing was skewed, or to see anything else that needs to be adjusted o rany hiccups that might be encountered. Nope, ran like a champ. Now I just have to get my grid and/or fence in place to ensure everything to be carved is placed perfectly straight on the machine. For my Test I just grabbed a 1/8" bit idk what type it was loose in my bit box and let her rip. the v-carve section of course was tested with a v-bit (60 deg). I never carved foam b4 with my little cnc - didnt use the right bit for the raised letters here but hey its just a test and A happy camper I am…lol… Time to Play


Congrats, and have fun!

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thank you for your help