Z axis depth, carving air

Hello forum.
So very new to the cnc world.
I am working on my first cut. Wood is western red cedar, very soft wood. For my first cut using one eight bit simple letters. I wanted to be very conservative just going one eighth depth. Used my touch probe to line all up. X Y axis all is good but the Z just skimming the wood. The wood is very soft so after ran the probe I dropped the Z axis to minus one eighth then rest it to zero and it carved just as it should. This is the wrong procedure for sure. I would not have done it on anything other than red cedar. Please advise what I doing wrong. Thank you

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@MaPar Hello and welcome to the forum! Lots of great folks here that definitely I’ll assist in any way they can! I am also a new guy with zero experience with CNC before May of this year. What I found when I had the problem, I needed to flatten my spoil board. After I got it perfectly flat to the LongMill, my cuts were significantly better.

Someone else my chime in with additional things to look at.

Again, welcome, we can’t wait to see what you carve!



@MaPar Jake’s advice is spot on. Check, also, that the material itself is flat. Here in the Great White North, western red cedar boards are very seldom of uniform thickness straight from the supplier.