Z-Axis instability - plea for help

I’ve done everything I can think of to get the most solid connection possible with those connectors. Mine is from the original shipment; have you made any design changes to that to improve the connection solidity?

I’ll check again…

I have reseated the power wires after doing everything I can for a solid connection. My latest test seemed more solid, but this time, rather than the symptoms of the overvoltage connection, it got 2 or 3 letters into the text when it just stopped moving for a few seconds as commands were sent over, then lost it’s position.

Better (I think) but still not workable :sob:

Tried the sign again, using code from Vectric Desktop rather than FreeCad, and it worked just fine.BenAlexSign I need to try a few more experiments before I’m completely confident, but this is significant progress :sunglasses:


Are you thinking it is CAD software related now because Vectric worked the last time? That would be good to know.

I believe it ultimately was related to the power connector. I reconnected the power connector to the line from the brick and it’s been stable ever since. I still regard it as a weak point in the design, no matter how industry-standard it is.

Thanks for checking!