Z-Axis is misbehaving since resurfacing my spoilboard

I ran this by the FB group, so I will try it here.
I resurfaced my spoil board about a week ago and now the Z-Axis digs deep into my projects. This has happened to every project new or old since the resurfacing.

The first cut goes deep into the surface and cuts into the spoil board and then travels to the next section/cut and starts cutting air for a bit as it travels down through the project into the spoil board. When using the auto probe for setup the Z now pushes about 1/8 deep when zeroed.

I have swapped motors around, replaced the backlash with spring-loaded ones, and tried different software… I use Gsender but also tried UGS but the results are the same. Post processors also from the LM to a custom one that was given me.

I don’t believe it is a Gcode problem since my older projects all ran fine till the great resurfacing event of 2024. Longboard issue? I ordered the SLB in December and I am hoping that will fix the problem or ordering a new Audrino till the SLB shows up.

Does anyone have an ideas?
The machine is only 3 months old and I use Vcarve Pro.

have you checked your post processor (mm/in) matches gcode. gcode: G20 for in, G21 for mm firmware: $13= 0 for mm, 1 for inch

Yes, those are my G settings. Files that I have run for months the Z now cuts like the medium is twice as thick…

rough video: https://youtu.be/R7NaaAgKQP0

What’s your $102 setting?
If you jog 25mm, does the Z move exactly 25mm?

$102 is 200.000
When I had Gsender move the Z 25mm it moved it 50mm.

Well, there’s the problem!
This is either a microstep issue or your $102 should be 100. I’ll let a LongMill owner step in.

But why or what would have changed it? I have never set $102… it has always been 200.000. Never had a problem with any project till the day I ran the resurfacing… since then the Z has not functioned correctly. I get the same results using UGS software also.

Then it seems like it’d be a microstep issue.

That makes sense.

How do your DIP switch settings on the motor driver boards look?

I will take a look here in a bit.

@justcncstuff @NeilFerreri I don’t have a solution, but I can confirm that the default 102 value for the Long Mill is 200.

I guess the question has to be “what else has changed”? Since it worked before the surfacing and simply surfacing would not cause this, something else has changed. You mention a custom post processor. Have you always used it?

No, I used the LongMill Inch in Vcarve Pro. Someone gave me a modded version to try but it didn’t change anything. All my files are post-processed with the LongMill 30x48 inch.

Physically I have not touched anything other than swapping a stepper to check it that was the issue. Not changed anything in the longboard.

@justcncstuff Did you check those dip switches?
This wouldn’t be an issue with any software. It’s either firmware ($102), electrical (microstep setting), or hardware (new leadscrew, motor, etc).

Not had a chance to check the switches till Friday. I need to block off a chunk of time to do it.

Well, I think I found the problem. It looks like DIP switch may have moved out of position. Table vibration?
I am going to slide it back into position and give it a shot.
This is the DIP for the Z-Axis.
2024-04-05 10_30_39-

@justcncstuff Make sure that you don’t simply move it to where it should be. If it should be down in your picture, slide it up first, then down.

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That was the problem. Now solved. Cuts like it should. Thanks to everyone who helped… Thanks to NeilFerreri for pointing me to the DIP switches.

My conclusion is the DIP for the Z-Axis moved out of position or was not set firmly and vibrations moved it out of position (tab 3).

Now I got tram it but that is a weekend project.

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