Z Axis issue. Bit starts cutting about 1/2" above material

After I set the zero on the Z-axis then I start the program. I set the Z-axis using the probing block as well as using the paper method. The bit starts the process but instead of moving down to zero on the material, the process runs the first couple of passes above the board.

I have seen several people on Facebook having the same problem as I am.

I have checked the minimum safe Z height. I checked the cad program which is Carvco Maker. The bit is tight in the collar. The router without the bit has room to almost touch the material so there is plenty of room with the bit.

I am using gSender and Carveco Maker.

You would have to pick one, paper or block. If your block works and you entered your block dimensions correctly, don’t use paper. 1/2" is kinda the thickness of the block.
At first, I would use paper, no block. Just put the block away for a minute and see if that takes care of things.
Or put the paper away and see if the block does it’s job.

Make sure you have the zero height set properly in Carveco material properties for your setup. You can either zero from the top or bottom of the material.

@brineydeep Welcome

Also check carveco and make sure your z reference is the top of the work piece and not set to table.

Check that Spindle is selected on the Laser/Spindle tab.

This problem was first reported in April of last year. It was the only post or activity by this member. I’m thinking that he may have solved this issue.

If not, @brineydeep , please follow up.

Hi Guys, Thanks for the reply. I was able to fix this issue. I changed to the new sensor block with new wiring. It worked.

@brineydeep Thanks for posting, Paul. As your issue has been resolved, I’ll close this topic.