Z axis moving freely

Hi I hope I can explain this correct but I wanted somebody else opinion. I noticed today while the machine was carving there is movement in my Z axis that I am pretty sure shouldn’t be there even though I am still learning the machine.
I noticed the movement I can twist the spindle to the left or right and its not moving at the carriage on the X axis its moving in the slides of the section that comes assembled. It not a lot but its enough to notice it so it must also affect the work its doing as well.
Any suggestions as it can’t be worn out its only a week old

Welcome aboard. Depending on the job. The “Z” axis can be very busy. You say “it must also affect the work” so my question is, has it been giving you good results or bad results.

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@ARG Welcome to the group, Allan.

To confirm, you are saying that you can lift straight up an down in the Z direction and there is some movement?

If so, check two things:

  1. Ensure that the acme nut on the lead screw and the pulley on the lead screw are snugly sandwiching the bearing. That’s a bad description, but hopefully, you can understand it. You should not be able to move the lead screw up and down at all.

  2. Ensure that the anti-backlash nut on the Z lead screw is properly adjusted. You want it just tight enough to stop up and down play in the Z gantry.

If I understand this right, the z-rails are moving left/right on the z-plate. But then… I would fasten the screws which hold the z-rails :thinking:

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@JHahn You could well be correct, Jannik. I may have completely misunderstood the problem.

@ARG Allan: with some more information, I suspect that someone will be able to help you out.

Being new it may be nothing but I have attached a video to help explain it better but I am not sure I have never dealt URL before what happened to the days of just sharing a video.
I am not stressed about this as the Longmill still works great I just wanted a 2nd opinion if it is meant to move the way it does.
I have tightened everything up checked the V wheels and there is no movement in them the only movement is in the rails of the z axis but I will continue to work out how to post the video.
Thanks for all the help and time you all have taken to respond its great to have the back up if needed

@ARG You can’t attach a video file to a thread post, Allan, as you have already seen. If you have a cloud storage - drop box - etc., you can post a link to it. If the Mill is working well, it may be in spec and you’re just new to it. Otherwise, you may want to contact Sienci support. They will work with you to fix things.