Z Axis Plunge is Wonky

Hey all,

Pretty new to the CNC world and am having a bit of an issue. Machine is the 48x30.

So using Carveco to create the file, I have a basic rectangle to cutout with radiused corners. I’ve done this a few times with great results but this time the Z axis is just smashing into the Baltic birch, plunging all the way through. I’ve checked my settings in Carveco and G-Sender and have the settings identical to what worked previously. Any thoughts?

There are a few key culprits when the Z axis is misbehaving:

  • ensure the motor coupling is tight
  • ensure the bit is tight in the collet (I know from experience that the bit can “pull” itself into the work)
  • ensure you aren’t hitting the end stop on Z (but this is unlikely, as the up end stop would be the issue - if you had the opposite case, that is the Z not going as deep, it could be from bottoming out)

Generally the machine is robust, reliable, and repeatable; any time I have had Z issues it has been related to the second and third points above.

Hope that helps!

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@exwhyzee At first blush, it sounds like Z0 in Carveco is not set to the same place as it is in gSender. Did you set them both to either the top of the material or the top of the spoil board?

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That’s EXACTLY what I had done wrong. Funny enough my wife came out to the shop while I was holding me head muttering " why why why". I told her what the issue was, she came back out to the shop 2 minutes later and asked about the 0 set points in G-Sender / Carveco. She gets to wear the “I’m right” shirt yet again lol

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I had the 0 set differently in G-Sender and Carveco. :roll_eyes:

@exwhyzee Glad to hear that it was a simple solution, Alan. We’ve all been there, done that.

Have fun.

I’m going to have to add that to my list of potential reasons!

Glad you got it settled.