Z axis stalling/grinding

Hello! my z axis is stalling almost like it doesent have enough power to move up and down, i tried changing the z axis wiring to the x axis on the control board and the problem shifts to the X axis, so the problem is not the motor and probably not the wiring? so the problem should be the control board or software, but i tried to change to another control board and the same problem happend, anyone know what the problem could be? i also tried to flash GRBL on gsender.

Hey @JohBjo,

Support reports they have a couple tickets in from you, so hang tight and they will help you troubleshoot your issue.


@JohBjo welcome to the forum! Great folks, sound advice here. As @StephenCampbell spoke of, Sienci Labs will absolutely help you with your issue. Can’t wait to see what you will be making!