Z height and gsender

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I am using gsender and carbide create for my projects. I make sure that xyz are zeroed. When the project starts x and y follow the pattern, but z starts too high. Sometimes, it’s a 1/4 inch up to 3/4 inch above the work surface. I have checked the code for errors. When I watch it in a visualizer, all seems fine. In the gsender screen, under dimensions, it show z as 1.25, but in carbide create the z =.75. See the enclosed image.

Is it possible to change dimensions in gsender? Just wondering.
thanks Bubalarry

Have you set your CarbideCreate project Zero on Top or Bottom of material?
If the CarbideCreate zero if set at bottom and you set your zero in GSender on top, this will cause the CNC to cut in the air…
Please keep us posted!

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thanks for the reply.
I set zero to the bottom in CC . How do I verify that gsender is zerod on top?

@bubalarry How are you setting Z0 in gSender? Are you using the touchplate, the paper method, or just by eye on the spoil board?

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I am using the paper method.

If you set your CarbideCreate on bottom, you have to zero on the Spoilboard. Gsenders will follow the zero YOU set.
YOU have to match the zero location with what you defined in the CC project.

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@bubalarry @webbit_NJ As Nicholas said, it’s not a question of “verifying” where gSender is setting zero. You set the location of Z0. gSender does not default to any location. If you are setting CC to have Z0 on the bottom of the material, which is pretty much on the top of the spoil board, then set zero in gSender on the top of the spoilboard, too.

If you are doing this and still seeing this problem, post your gcode and likely someone will be able to advise further.

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