Z jogging after installing inductive sensors

i just installed the inductive sensors and love them. however, when jogging, if i click and hold the z direction arrow nothing happens. but if i jog it one or two times, then clicking and holding the mouse button will do a continuous jog. x and y work as they did before. any ideas? not Catastrophic, but a nuisance.

Hi Bruce - I have been seeing the same behaviour as well, and until now I just sort of thought “hmm, that’s odd.”

Does sound like a bug in gSender - I don’t see anything about it in the gSender GitHub issues list - I might take a look at the code (but I have never looked at it before, so not sure I will be able to identify anything - I just love the challenge).

@Bruce - What version of gSender are you using? There are some issues with 1.0.7 that Sienci is working on. If you have V1.0.7 you might want to uninstall it and go back to V1.0.6 which is more stable. Use Windows uninstall and then download and install V1.0.6 if you need to.

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i’m still on v1.0.6, so that’s not the problem. but thanks

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Glad you brought this up. I’m having the same issue. Randomly jog commands in all axis will not work for me.

Running jobs seems to work fine but jogging to a start position has become challenging at times.

I am on gender 1.0.6

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I don’t like the answer, but if i disable soft limits the problem goes away. i clicked the console tab in gsender and saw that when i clicked and held the left mouse button for the z axis, i was getting an error 15 (travel limit exceeded). this is only in the z axis. i also saw that back in 2018 there was a thread about the same problem with all 3 axes, i think that it was concluded it was a command buffer overrun.
so i guess i will just leave the soft limits disabled for now.

@Bruce @0so - Current version is 1.1.2. Try updating and see if that fixes your issues. I have homing sensors and have disabled both hard and soft limits.

i updated to 1.1.2 this morning and it still did the same thing in z. when i disabled the soft limits i no longer got the error.

see my last reply about disabling the soft limits.

I have a lot of issues with these sensors and soft limits. I ended up disconnecting them. Plus they are too short to reach my module by about 6 inches.

I disabled soft limits and problem went away. There was a similar problem a few years ago and it was identified as a buffer overflow

Can confirm, with soft limits off, the problem doesn’t happen. Would be nice to turn the soft limits back on though.