Z not moving to Safe Z when Go XY0 pushed

I have 0.8 inches set as safe Z in gSender Settings. In VCarve Pro, my Z gap aboove material is set to 0.8 inches in the Home/Start positon module. These have been the settings for almost two years. Today after setting my Zero all, pushing the Go XY0 button did not move the router up as expected. I re-homed and re-centered the machine and Z did not move up the expected 0.8 inches. I restarted the computer, re-homed and re-centered again but no Z up again. I removed the stock and ran the program I loaded. The machine lifted to 0.8 when moving to the cutting area, made the cut flawlessly in air, and lifted to safe Z before return to work origin. While the machine was at X0Y0Z0.8, I pushed the Go XY0 and the machine Z down from 0.80 to 0.00. I have gSender 1.1.7 loaded.

@whittamps I’ve moved your post to the gSender board so that it will be seen by the gSender group at Sienci.

A question: Do you have the limit switches installed?

Thank you for moving the post to the correct spot. I was not sure it was gSender so I left it general.

I do have limit switches and was re-reading the changes in 1.1.7 and discovered

  • Go To buttons only use safe height if below that position when limit switches enabled to avoid moving downwards.

So I played with my work centers Z0 and found that it works when I am below the limit imposed.

How do I adjust that setting so I can have a higher Z0 without the Safe Z rise inhibited. I have never bounced the limit switch with my normal 2.5 inch stock when GoXY0 is pushed. The 0.8 Safe Z allows me to put the dust boot on.

@whittamps I have no idea. :grinning: I only knew enough to ask the question about switches, as I believed that would be the first thing that the Sienci tech would need to know. Now that you’ve answered, I’m sure that they will be able to guide you.

I can change my Safe Z setting in gSender to 0.5 inches and the Z lifts 0.5 inches when Go X0Y0 pushed. Too bad it is not high enough to slip my dust boot under. Going to have to move the machine to a position not over the stock. I suppose I can use my tool change routine to install the boot.

Interesting. I hope I can discover the setting to allow 0.3 inches more Safe Z height. Thanks!

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@whittamps I don’t have the switches, but I am in the same boat as you. My home-made dust shoe has brush all around so I need to duck it under the bit. Generally, I do what you are talking about and move to somewhere off the material, slip the boot on, then return to XY0. That’s not a big deal for me. I’m in no hurry. :grinning: