Z0 calibration on rotary vortex

I am trying to do a simple column on Rotary vortex using Vcarve Pro and gsender. I had a piece of stock at 1.5" and used the roundover gadget to make it 1.25" That worked fine and it measured 1.259" when completed. When I try to put my flutes in the bit plunged down .2" on the initial pass. I have the depth of cut at .1 so all is strange. I even have my pass depth for the bit at .05". Since it is rotary I set Z0 at center of axis and calibrated of the top of the chuck as recommended. When I paper check off the top of the stock it is reading around .84". Simple math says it should be reading .625. How do I know that calibration is correct or can I verify it somewhere in the code? I went back to Vcarve and unwrapped it so I could check depth of cut. Top of the material read .625 and the bottom of the flutes read .525 which is correct which makes me think it is a gsender issue rather than Vcarve. Any thoughts? I am using gsender 1.4.1.