Zooming in on main screen

Should be a simple thing (and probably is) - but… How do you scroll when zooming in on the toolpath of a project (top view)?

I always use the Outline feature before running any of my programs just to make sure everything is good to go. On my current project I screwed the workpiece to the spoil board in areas that would be “safe”. However when running the outline it looked like it might be a little to close for comfort, so I manually jogged the machine to that area and tried to zoom in on the toolpath to make sure. But no matter where I have my curser on the screen, the zoom center always seems to be in the same spot and I can’t get to the area in question before the zoom forces it off screen. And can’t seem to figure out whether I can scroll to it. I’ve noticed this before, but its never been an issue till today. I’m using a Lenovo laptop, Windows 10 and scrollable mouse.

Thanks for any input !!! Cheers and Happy New Year

On my touch-pad I use two fingers to zoom in and out.

I can zoom in and out with the mouse - just not control where on the screen the zoom occurs. One would assume if I have the cursor on say x=50 y=150, that this would be where I’d zoom into but thats not happening. The laptop does have a touchpad so I’ll give that a try - maybe its the mouse.


I think it always zooms towards the center of preview screen. You can hold right mouse button and drag to get to the area you want to inspect.


Right button works!!! I knew it had to be something simple :laughing:

Thanks for the help!!!


@Turdmagnet As @_Michael posted the solution, I am closing this topic.