ZorX is not true cutting

Hi there plzz someone help me out my machine is not cutting on vectors it goes outward one side and inwards on the other side everytime in xaxis i flipped my piece to try and see if it would do it and it still does can someone plzz gelp me with this its driving me bonkers

@Cncbeginner - Steven, we will be glad to help but we need a little more information. Can you please tell us what software you are using to design your project, MM or inches, gcode sender and version, possibly attach the gcode file and of course pictures showing what is happening. The more info the better.

Im using vcarve aspire gsender and im working in inches

@Cncbeginner - Wow, that is definitely a problem. Could you please send screen shots of the tool path settings. Personally I don’t think it is a software issue but something is loose. Check your V-wheels to make sure they are tight against the rails. Check your couplers and make sure there is no slippage between motor shaft and lead screws. Also check acme nut to make sure no play in the lead screw. And lastly check your anti-backlash nut and adjust if necessary. There should be no play while trying to manually move the router back and forth. You don’t want it too tight either as it will cause binding. If you have a new MK2 tighten the screw until it just bottoms out and check back and forth play. It doesn’t take much pressure to prevent play.

Hopefully others will chime in and add other possible fixes or correct my comments. Good luck.