Acceptable file types

@jepho Sorry for the delay, Jeffery. Chris just notified me that this is in place. You may want to post a dummy file to test it.

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Thanks for the information, Grant. No worries over time being required to get things done. I know I am not the only person asking for something. Although the apology is very much appreciated, I hope you understand that I did not deem it necessary.

The file was not accepted as a valid type for upload. :upside_down_face: :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

@jepho Well, damn, Jeffrey. :grinning:

I’ve passed this along to Chris. Small glitch, I’m sure.

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@jepho Jeffrey. Chris has confirmed that .artcam is an acceptable file type. However, in his research and in mine, we found that the proprietary file type for the Carveco program is .art. Is it .art that you want to be added?

Please forgive my idiocy. :blush: :blush

I have been using some .artcam files, which were Carveco’s filetype when it was ArtCAM by Autodesk and it still accepts them. Of course, it is .art files that it creates these days. Please permit .art files to be an acceptable file type. Thank you. :ok_hand: :smiley:


@jepho No worries, Jeffrey. I’ve passed this along to Chris. Take care.

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Thank you, Grant. I will try to pay more attention to what I am writing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jepho This is a non-issue, Jeffery. Think nothing more about it. It may well be a good thing to have .artcam files in the list, too. As I understand it, they do still exist and are used.


Much appreciated, Grant. The help distinguishes this site from others. :upside_down_face:

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@jepho It should be good now, Jeffrey. Pls try a test file and let me know.

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Thank you @gwilki.
Absolutely Brilliant! Thanks to the team at Sienci Labs for this great service. :+1: :ok_hand: :slightly_smiling_face:

Quick question about approved file types. Is SketchUp files approved? Say someone on the forums want to share cnc table build design files, or any cnc support cabinet design done with SketchUp.

@Jwar Sorry for the delay. I’m using an older version of Sketchup. The proprietary file type is .skp. Is it the same file type in the version you are using? Once you reply, I’ll ask that it be added to the acceptable file type list.

Sorry for the delay been very busy with real life issues. The main SketchUp modeling files are Still * .skp the Texturing Files that can be used to texture wood of various wood species are * .skm

I would like to eventually share the texture files with other woodworkers so that they too can have real world rendering in that actual wood species on any designs that are created SketchUp in Softwoods, Hardwoods, Plywoods, and Veneers. From A to Z such as for example Alder to Zebrawood.
As I understand it textures can be imported into SketchUp and the base set of textures is very lacking in SketchUp for those in the woodworking field.
Thank you for your attention to my post. Jack

@Jwar It should be good now, Jack. Pls try to attach a test file, to be sure. Chris added both skp and skm.

Thank you. I will upload my CNC Kreg work bench build as soon as I finalize the drawing and work out any jointery issues between the steel frame and the wood cabinet carcass and top.

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