Acceptable file types

In going back and forth with other members, some times I and others here offered to look at their CAM file or gcode file to see if we can spot the problem. The exchange can take place through open posts on the forum or through private messaging.

I’ve had occasions when the file type that the person seeking help had created could not be attached - to either a forum post or a private message - because it was not a file type included in the list of acceptable files types.

A couple of examples are .crv files, which are the proprietary file type for VCarve, and .txt files, which are the generic text file created by Notepad and other applications.

I would like to submit a list of file types that I would like added to those already accepted. However, before I go ahead with that request, I figured it may be a good idea to solicit input from all the members here.

So, do you have file types that you would like to be able to upload to the forum or attach to private messages? If you add them to this post, I’ll prepare a list and send it to the gang at Sienci.


If legit, just your standard dxf, stl, jpg, and svgs.

@msparks916 I’m not sure what you mean by “if legit”, Michael. I’ll add .stl and .svg to my list. dxf and jpg are already acceptable.

I’m confused also, for a long time I thought it was just images like .jpg, later discovered I could share gcode, why not .crv? I found a way to share those through google drive and a link (Probably breaking a rule) but it would save time to allow to share those design files with others that have the software, as many of us do.

Once the design is created may I suggest it is my design, file type is not the proprietary. maybe a simple communication with Vectric , which may promote their product in a small way and allow us to share our designs, win-win situation.

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@Bill Bill, the .crv file type is, I believe, proprietary to Vectric. That is to say, they created it. That does not mean that we need their permission to add it to a list of acceptable file types. Your design can certainly be said to be “proprietary” to you, for sure. :grinning:


Grant, I agree with what your saying, maybe a difference between file type and copyright is what I’m suggesting, where the heck is a good lawyer when you need one?


I have also run into this with a simple TXT file.

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How about .zip files? Then almost anything could be shared if compressed first.


Legitimate meaning not copyright protected by another author.

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@msparks916 Understood and agreed, Michael. Tks.


@msparks916, @NeilFerreri , @Megistus , @Bill , @chrismakesstuff
Thanks to you all for your input. I compiled the complete list and, today, Chris added them to the list of previously-acceptable file extensions. Here is the complete list:



Thanks Grant, makes life a little easier when sharing or helping! As they say in New Mexico (and many other locales), Gracias.

@Bill De nada, as I hope they say in New Mexico. :grinning:

How about adding *.json files to this since macros are stored and imported this way?

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@NeilFerreri You’re all set , Neil. Pls post once you’ve tried it.

Looks good!..

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Hi Grant.
What is possibility of adding and permitting the Carveco proprietary filetype? It may prove to be useful when trying to assist other Carveco users. The filetype is .artcam and used to be the old Autodesk program filetype. Carveco adopted it when the software wa ssplit between Carveco and Vectric.

Thank you.

@jepho That sounds like a good idea to me. I don’t have the authority to do this, so I have passed it along to Sienci.


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Great news, Grant. Thank you for taking it a little further. :+1: