Adapters for Makita trim router

I have had 2 of the1/8’ precision adapters sold by Sienci, both of them have had the bit slip out and then the adapter gets wallered out and is useless.
I believe this was due to user error, i guess i didn’t tighten the collet enough so this isnt a knock on what Sienci is selling.
My question would be is there any other option for an adapter? Something like the ER 11 spring adapter? Would that even fit in the Makita router?


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@Sfaddy Get a 1/8" collet and get rid of the adapters. Sienci sells the 1/8" collets for the Makita.


I wanted to expand my tool holding possibilities with my Makita router. I needed a 4mm collet for some fine ball-ended tools and my Mitutoyo DTI attachment.

I also wanted the 6 and 8mm collets which are not available in the UK. I daresay this company are not the cheapest option but they produce precision collets which all appear to have miniscule amounts of runout.

I now have a complete range of collets in metric and imperial measurements which has expanded the capabilities of my Makita trim router. My collection is 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" 4mm, 6mm & 8mm.

As a company, I can highly recommend Elaire. They post stuff to the UK and it arrives without fuss and very rapidly. I will not buy my replacement collets anywhere else. (N.B. I am not employed by Elaire and I am not given any commission) My referral is because they make precision products that are reasonably priced.

@jepho @Sfaddy I, too, looked at Elaire before Sienci started stocking the 1/8" collet. Delivered price to me in Canada for the Elaire was just short of $60 - about double the Sienci collet. I have found no measurable run out on the Sienci collet, so I believe that I chose well. If you are in the US, Sfaddy, you may be better off buying from Elaire.

Hmmm… I got my collets for pretty much the advertised cost except as with all things UK, we pay USD prices in GBP! Still Canadian dollars… are they really only 50% of USD values?

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@jepho I see no point in pursuing this further. The OP has a solution. I’m closing this thread.;

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