Adding a Laser - My Journey (Tutorial)

@Duke What are you referring to, Blair?

Where I found the connectors for the PWM/TTL. The system just didn’t put my comment where I intended it. Oops

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@JayDent , @gwilki Well I finally pick up my laser. It took a while for it to come in. @gwilki I took your advise and talked to George from Endurance laser. He had a good price on his lasers so I bought one.
Installing it tonight, so hopefully it works out ok. I’ll Let you know in a couple of day how everything goes.

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@r_heisler I’m jealous. :grinning: Which one did you buy?

I’m sure that you will have lots of fun with it.

@gwilki, I bought the 10w Delux, the only problem I’m having it the temperature gauge. The wires are small and I don’t want to extend them too much.

@r_heisler Sweet!! :grinning:

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@r_heisler , here is what I did for my 10W+ Invincible laser from Endurance. I was concerned about voltage drop for power to the laser wires. I was also concerned about wire flexibility and reliability so I used a 12 gauge silicone insulated wire for them.
[ BNTECHGO 12 Gauge Silicone Wire 10 ft red and 10 ft Black Flexible 12 AWG Stranded Copper Wire: Car Electronics:(

I also used used these connectors: Muzzys (Set of TWO) 12-14 AWG Guage 2 Pin Position Terminal Weather Pack WeatherPack Connector Male Female Set Weather Proof: Automotive

For the temperature sensor wires I used this 28 gauge enclosed speaker wire: Striveday 28 AWG 2 conductor wire Power Cable Audio Cable Speaker Wire (Red & Black) 33ft UL certification: Home Improvement

I also used a lot of heat shrink tubing:
650pcs Heat Shrink Tubing Black innhom Heat Shrink Tube Wire Shrink Wrap UL Approved Ratio 2:1 Electrical Cable Wire Kit Set Long Lasting Insulation Protection, Safe and Easy, Eco-Friendly Material: Industrial & Scientific

The laser kit from Endurance labs came with a two pin and three pin connector so I used them for the temperature wires, that’s why in on one end of the temperature cable you will see two wires and on the other three. The third wire is not used.

Also, I soldered all connections.

(upload://qJD5Q6uVeRDDzPh1hu2SLOkjAKq.jpeg) ![IMG-0633|375x500]

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Just stopping in to say thanks for this. I was at a loss for why I kept burning things constantly. I put a 4.7k resistor across the PWM pins and all is well now. Thanks so much!

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@paullarson, Thank you for the pictures, they help out alot. I have the laser all assembled and tested. No I just need to clean up the wiring and wait for my air pump. But other than that it is working great.

Now I need to learn how to post a picture. LOL

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i think i got it figured out. Lets give this a try

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Glad I could help. I ended up not using the air pump and just use my 3 gallon air compressor with the output pressure cranked down to 25psi.


Those of you who have the 10w unit, how well does it cut wood? I have a 5.5w unit and it will not cut really anything and there are some patterns I’ve seen where a laser to cut would be nice instead of a 1/8 bit. Can it laser through 1/4" plywood?

So far all I’ve tried cutting is 1/8" Baltic birch plywood and it has no trouble. Takes two to 3 passes depending on variations in the plywood.

@JayDent , This is my first working laser and i’m still learning. But it does have alot of power. I tried a power scale using 1/2" plywood and it did cut a good 1/8" down @ 80% power , 180mm/min. in 1 pass.
I did say i tried the power scale because I downloaded it, threw it into lightburn and clicked start, without looking at it and the outputs.
I’ll post a pic of the burn and the outputs and you will see.

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The bottom left is the deepest burn

As you can see, the speeds and the powers are kind of all over the place. Not really in order and don’t match the what was to be burned.

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looks like someone over time adjusted the test pattern. Fairly easy to fix. I use a pattern similar to that and love it.

Great step by step. Thanks to you and all the commenters. Hope to add a laser to my setup soon :slight_smile:

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Successfully setup a NEJE 20W Diode laser on the Longmill. I’m running 12vDC power through a power adapter and double tapping the SpinPWM and SpinPWM Ground to the TTL inputs. I added power switches for my VFD and Laser to keep the inputs separate. Works great and was fairly easy to install. I had to upgrade Vectric Desktop to V-Carve Pro and add the laser module which was a heftier price but made the transition easy vs. learning new software.


Hi Dudemeister
I got a neje laser too, but cant figure out the cables. would you be kind enough to draw a diagram of what you plugged in to what, just pen and paper, I´d really appretiate it.


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