Adding the vectric laser module in preparation for my Sienci laser

Adding the Vectric laser module in preparation for my Sienci laser. What Vectric configuration will apply? Below are my options

Please select your configuration:

NextWave Machine with NextWave Laser Controller

GRBL Controlled X-Carve with a JTech or OPT Lasers

GRBL Controlled Shapeoko with a JTech or OPT Lasers

GRBL Controlled OpenBuilds with a JTech or OPT Lasers

UCCNC Controlled StepCraft with a JTech or OPT Lasers

Duet2 Controlled OozNest with a JTech or OPT Lasers

Digital Wood Carve Machine with a JTech or OPT Lasers

Other Controller

I have this question as well. I would think setup of the Sienci Labs Laserbeam would include instructions for this. My guess is Other Controller and/or GRBL.

Hoping with all those lasers shipping out I can get some feed back on what module is needed from Vectric to use the Sienci laser

have we ever gotten an answer to this question?

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@Parrott I can try to help, but can you tell me where you obtained that list?

Also, note, that there is only one Vectric laser module. So, I am confused when you ask about what Vectric laser module is needed. Can you explain what it is you are looking for specifically, please?

@stevendq Steve. One thing to keep in mind is that Vectric only officially supports a very short list of lasers. Here is the excerpt from their site:

"What laser hardware is compatible?

Initially we aim to support the following machine tools (and controllers) using the most common commercially available solid-state laser diode modification kits.

X-Carve (GRBL)
Shapeoko (GRBL)
Ooznest (Duet2)
Digital Wood Carver (PlanetCNC controller)
OpenBuilds (GRBL)

Please see the FAQ below for full details of our tested & supported configurations. We will be adding other machines and controllers to this supported list over time.

Other similar machines or controllers may work, our version 11 trial editions allow you to test your machine configuration before you purchase. Please note, however, that we are unable to provide support for other configurations at this time."

I don’t know if at some point Sienci will put out instructions pertaining to the use of the Laser Beam with other parties’ applications. I would respectfully submit that it could be a very difficult task since Sienci cannot know with any certainty how those parties will program their applications and how they could keep up with updates and changes. Many here use Lightburn with their lasers. Others use Lasergrbl. On the router side of things, the list is much longer: Easel, Fusion360, Carveco; Vectric, Kirimoto, etc. In my humble opinion, it will be nearly impossible for Sienci to write instructions for all the applications that may be used with the Long Mill hardware. A better resource may be the company who wrote the application.

FWIW, even though I decided not to buy the Vectric laser module after testing it, I determined that it would work with generic/arduino grbl controllers like the Sienci controller. It simply was not worth the price to me. YMMV. There are numerous videos on the Vectric youtube channel on how to set up their laser module. They may help to answer your questions.

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My experience has been that the laser hardware/software vendor will have the most up to date situation. I found Jay over at JTech to have great information and he was really supportive when discussing my possible hardware choices and prospective purchases.

He knew all about which part of the controller board would be used to support PWM at the correct voltage. In the end I purchased JTech hardware without really considering the whole market place because of the great support offered by Jay. I have used a JTech 4.2W laser with LightBurn software on my Shapeoko SO3 and it has worked faultlessly. I have engraved slate, ceramic and glass and cut plywood of 3mm thickness.

I previously posted some information which I will repeat it here at the risk of being tedious. Below is a pair of macro’s (which I run from within LightBurn software) so that the controls of the jogging mechanism on the SO3 are not reversed. The numbers reflect the working area of my Shapeoko SO3. I would also give a shoutout to Oz, the developer over at Lightburn, who is also super helpful and ultra knowledgeable about what hardware and control boards are supported by LightBurn.

CNC to Laser macro:
G10 L2 P1 X-459 Y-415

Laser to CNC macro:
G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0

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@jepho I, too, have had excellent support from jTech. And, the only “product” of theirs that I use is the free laser post processor, which I use in place of the paid laser module from Vectric. (Word has it that jTech wrote the module for Vectric.) My experience with Oz and the LB forum is like yours, too.

I will add that an excellent resource for LB use is Rick, the Louisiana Hobby Guy. He has a forum and a Facebook page that are the best out there for LB instruction, IMHO.

With respect to your macros, I have something similar, although gSender now has most of that functionality built in. One thing that I would question, though, Jeffrey, is your $10=255 command. From what I understand, $10 is merely a grbl status report function. The valid values are 0, 1 and 2, as set out here:

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I transcribed the macro as it was written down by a user on the C3D forum. I could not tell what the code does from a hole in the ground. :joy:

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